Software Outfitters ökar ifyllnaden av lånedokument med 80 %

Software Outfitters har mer än trettio års erfarenhet av att bygga anpassade programvaruapplikationer åt kunder i USA. De levererar låneansökningsprogramvara specifikt för internetbaserade finansbolag, och tillhandahåller webbverktyg som hjälper utbildare och skoldistrikt fatta bättre och snabbare beslut.

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Software Outfitters achieved early success building a successful application for financial services companies to manage the loan application process. For many years this process was dependent on a print-sign-scan-fax workflow, which was time-consuming and inefficient. “When eSignatures became a valid and acceptable method of acquiring legally binding signatures we moved in that direction for loan documents,” says Rob Harsh, CEO of Software Outfitters.

The team selected the Adobe Sign API and used it for a few years before it became cost-prohibitive. According to Rob, “Adobe Sign was extremely expensive. It was getting more expensive as we grew with huge transaction and baseline costs. We had to find something different.”

”Det var enkelt att byta API från Adobe Sign till HelloSign. Det vara bara att ändra syntax och testa. Transformationen gick extremt snabbt, med konvertering och utrullning på mindre än en vecka.”

Rob Harsh

In 2016 Software Outfitters evaluated the HelloSign API and quickly identified some key differentiators. “The HelloSign support was great. They kept me aware of development status and helped identify the right features for us to implement,” says Rob.

Dessutom kunde Robs team, tack vare den rena dokumentationen, börja testa API:t omedelbart. Den enkla integreringen av HelloSign API:t i Software Outfitters kundportal gjorde det mycket enklare för kunderna att konvertera lån från ansökan till slutförande på ett snabbare sätt.


80% Faster Loan Application Completion

“Loan applicants have to sign documents the same day. If they don’t sign, we have to reissue a new loan because the changes to the amortization table change the loan document,” says Rob. When they were dependent on the print-sign-scan-fax workflow Rob said, “It could be hours before we got the faxed documents in, if at all.”

Their implementation of eSignatures has dramatically improved that. Rob says, “With the HelloSign API integrated into our customer portal, loan applicants usually sign documents within 30 minutes, speeding the time to document completion by over 80%.”

Möjliggör efterlevnad för kunder i över 50 % av USA

Software Outfitters måste följa Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus regler och efterleva komplexa och unika lånekrav i alla delstater de har verksamhet i. Dessutom måste de följa federala lagar för nationella kunder.

As Rob says, “Each state in the US may have a unique loan document and rules, and those documents can range from 10 to 30 pages and require multiple signatures throughout.” says Rob.

To meet a variety of regulatory requirements, Software Outfitters leverages HelloSign’s customization and audit trail capabilities. “Because of complex state and federal regulations, we needed a partner that would be compliant in any market in which we operate. HelloSign enables us to deliver a completely secure and compliant loan application management solution that our customers trust,” says Rob.


‍ <1 vecka för att konvertera från Adobe Sign utan negativa effekter för kunderna

The process of converting from Adobe Sign to HelloSign was very straightforward. As Rob says, “Changing the API from Adobe Sign to HelloSign was easy. It was simply a matter of changing syntax and testing. HelloSign’s API has built-in debugging tools, which made it easy for my team to build the API correctly without a whole lot of guess-and-check. It was an extremely quick transformation with conversion and rollout happening in less than one week.

Vad kommer härnäst för Software Outfitters?

För att bygga vidare på framgångarna vill Rob och hans team i framtiden integrera vissa av e-signaturfunktionerna i sina utbildningssystem som integrerar och länkar samma flera datakällor på ett unikt sätt så att utbildare, skolor och skoldistrikt kan fatta bättre admin- och ledningsbeslut.

“With education there are a lot of state rules regarding the privacy of student data, similar to health data. I think eSignatures will be a great tool for school districts as a lot of them are already utilizing electronic document capabilities,” says Rob.

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HelloSign is the easiest way to send, receive, and manage legally binding eSignatures for business. Learn about our industry-leading API by looking through our developer documentation or build and test for free by creating a free developer account. If you’d like help figuring out which HelloSign product is best for you, schedule a demo with HelloSign's API team to see how we can streamline your business.

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Vill du uppnå samma resultat som Software Outfitters?
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