41 Ways for HR, Sales, and Legal to Achieve Maximum Flow

41 Ways for HR, Sales, and Legal to Achieve Maximum Flow
“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”  -  Mark Twain

Overhauling key business processes to empower your internal teams to flow better together is certainly a two-frog undertaking per Twain’s unforgettable measurement system. And because it’s such a complex task, it often gets pushed off every quarter, every year, or even every decade in favor of quick fixes that feel productive in the short term. But deprioritizing long-term initiatives that help to make work flow ends up costing an unimaginable amount in wasted productivity, talent, and opportunity in the long run.

Today, we’re going to take Mark Twain’s advice and tackle improving the workflows that make the biggest impact on your entire business: HR, sales, and legal. After all, every business has to hire, sell, and do both while staying above board—right?

Thankfully, implementing digital workflows that make HR, sales, and legal departments practically sing doesn’t have to be quite as, well, hard to swallow as Twain’s hyperbolic metaphor would make it seem.

In fact, all it takes is a little jump start.

The Big List: 41 Areas Where Workflow Solutions Empower HR, Sales, and Legal to Achieve More Flow with Less Work

Good business starts with the work that’s done internally within and between teams.

Before you can simplify the process of winning more business with less effort, you have to simplify the way your team gets work done. You have to help key departments like HR, sales, and legal achieve more flow with less work.

Create workflows and automate tasks to achieve flow in these 41 areas and enjoy company-wide benefits as top-line output and bottom-line financial performance improve.

Let's look at some few key areas to consider when you're looking to get your flow on.

Finding Flow in the Paperwork Jungle: HR

HR is a veritable land of workflow opportunity. Here are tons of areas where digital workflows, automation, and integration can give HR pros back their flow game.

Try workflow creation and automation on this hiring paperwork:

  • W-9, W-4, and W-2 forms
  • Tax documentation including 1040 and 1099 forms
  • Employee direct deposit forms
  • Employment agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Candidate and employee NDAs
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee verification forms
  • Employee status change forms
  • Background check authorization forms
  • Employment offer letters
  • Benefits documentation

Onboarding workflows are great candidate for workflow, automation, and integration:

Ongoing requests, approvals, and other forms like these can benefit from automation and workflow-ization:

  • Vacation requests
  • Expense claims
  • Injury report forms
  • PTO requests
  • Employee complaint forms
  • Approval forms

Want to learn how to help your HR department flow even more? Download our eBook: "How to Onboard Contractors & Employees at Scale."

Revenue Flows Like Water with These Sales Solutions

On average, salespeople spend more time on internal administrative tasks than they do actually selling to customers.

Chart illustrating how the average sales rep spends their time

Achieve sales flow more often and more easily by enabling and integrating digital workflows to automate effortless paperwork, faster agreement completion, and easier-to-sign contracts.

Turn these sales documents into automated workflows to save time and effort:

Sales onboarding processes like these are better as automated, integrated workflows:

  • Client onboarding
  • New customer onboarding
  • Partner (resellers, distributors, etc.) onboarding

Keep it Legal Throughout Digital Workflow Transformation

In the age of digital transformation, companies are scrambling to provide delightful transactions for users while maintaining strong legal and security measures. As long as businesses choose workflow software that’s equipped with bank-level security, detailed audit trails, thorough authentication, and diligent compliance protocols; legal eagles can confidently apply digital transformation in the form of workflows, automation, and integrations.

Aside from providing guidance and enforcement on legal documentation company-wide (integration in action!), here is some key paperwork legal departments can convert to automated workflows to get completed quickly and/or stored securely for compliance:

Ready to Go With the Flow?

No company should have to choose between legality and usability when it comes to achieving more flow with less work in key departments like HR, sales, and legal. And, with HelloSign, you don’t have to.

Our digital workflow products empower businesses to balance delightful user experiences inside and out without sacrificing extra-strength legal and security features—all with award-winningly-easy implementation (we’re literally number 1.)

Implement HelloWorks (try it for free here) or HelloSign (try it free here) and achieve more flow with less work in these 41 HR, sales, and legal areas—and beyond.

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