4 Ways Businesses are Building Better Experiences with eSignature APIs

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Agility is the defining attribute of today’s successful digital companies.

As Matt McLarty, Global Leader of API Strategy at MuleSoft, explains, “The physical-product world of the 20th century focused on the supply chain and efficiencies. You buy a product, use it, then eventually throw it away. The digital world is inverted. We launch products as soon as we can and then customers expect it to improve over time.”

That is, it’s not about the product or service you release on day one, it’s about your ability to continuously adapt to new markets, customers, and employee expectations. “Reaction time is fundamental in the digital space because the pace is faster. Opportunities are time-boxed,” Matt continues.

What’s fueling the flexibility movement is the ease and speed with which companies can deliver new capabilities to their employees and customers through APIs.

At the top of that list are eSignature APIs, which are helping businesses cut admin, share information, deliver new experiences, and much more.

So we’re putting eSignature APIs under the microscope. Here are 4 ways they can help businesses deliver on the expectations of today’s fast-paced digital world.

Embed the signing process into your customer experience

70% of people admit to feeling distracted at work, with 16% of people stating that they’re almost always distracted.

And that’s a problem for any company that sells anything because distractions kill customer experience.

The signing process is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to losing customer attention. Why? Because there’s so much opportunity for them to stray into a new website or find something else to do.

Even with off-the-shelf eSignature tools, you’re still sending your customers to a third-party tool or website to set up an account, log in, then sign. With that many steps, it’s no wonder customers lose patience.

That’s where eSignature APIs are breaking the mold. Rather than bouncing customers around the internet to third-party sites or offline tools, they can sign immediately in your existing document workflows.    

Stay on-brand with a custom-branded experience

Brand isn’t some intangible marketing idea anymore, it’s proven to have a huge impact on the success of your products and services. Take in these stats:

And so much of delivering on brand is about consistency. When you can deliver a consistent image throughout your company — from website and sales to hiring and customer support — the chances that customers will choose your services and stay with you are boosted.

eSignature APIs create brand consistency through every signing interaction. Rather than showing customers multiple brands throughout the signing process, with custom branding, customers only see one company identity the entire time — yours.

Save hours with integrations

Toggling between tools and applications to find information is a huge time-waster for internal teams. In fact, it’s estimated professionals spend 50% of their time manually searching for information and an average of 18 minutes locating each document.

But using eSignature APIs, businesses can push and pull data between different applications, which saves huge amounts of time that your teams can spend on more important tasks, like hiring and selling.

For instance, integrating Salesforce with HelloSign takes the admin out of sending contracts for salespeople. Rather than moving a prospect’s CRM data between HelloSign and Salesforce, sales teams can auto-populate a prospect’s details and send contracts directly from the Salesforce platform. And that’s a huge time-saver for salespeople, who can then focus on more important tasks.


Move with agility and save developers’ time

Your ability to spin up new services fast is paramount to remaining competitive.

Now, you could assemble a development team and task them with building you an eSignature solution directly into your website or application. But it’s a lot of work to train developers in the skills they need to complete the task.

What’s more, when you’re done, you’ll still need to keep those experts around to maintain and update your eSignature tools as technology, customer expectations, security, and compliance requirements change.

But with eSignature APIs, implementation is fast and easy. “Once you identify opportunities, APIs will help you build quicker. APIs are packaged in a way that means they're very easily plugged into new business ideas. If it's a matter of composing five APIs to build a new digital product versus laying a full data foundation and application infrastructure foundation, you're just gonna be much quicker with APIs,” explains Matt.

With the right documentation, SDKs, and support team, single developers have been able to implement eSignature APIs like HelloSign in an average of 2.5 days.

Find out how eSignature APIs fit into the wider digital transformation of business

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