3 Quick Wins Every CTO Can Implement Right Now

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Chief technology officer?

More like chief transformation officer. 

As soon as technology advanced to the point where businesses could use it to pursue digital transformation (DX) — aka the implementation of digital tools to strengthen existing systems and processes — CTOs have become more pivotal than ever in keeping organizations in the black and ahead of the curve.

And it’s no easy undertaking. 

While eight out of ten organizations report starting their digital transformation initiatives, only 30% would go so far as to say they’ve been successful.  

What’s the holdup? Everything from cost to culture to complex legacy technology.

Series of percentage bars, detailing the most common barriers to digital transformation

Unfortunately, these aren’t things that can be overcome in a day. 

But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tactics that CTOs can implement quickly to improve company-wide communication, cut down on time-wasting tasks, and even generate more revenue more quickly. 

3 Tactics You Can Implement Today to Start Winning at Digital Transformation

Keep reading to learn about the modern communication tools that can quickly help your team overcome informational silos, how automation can help take out various time-wasters across your team, and the number-one piece of tech for speeding up sales, onboarding, and ultimately — revenue.

Knock Down Information Silos: Move Communication Out of the Inbox

The average American worker spends close to three and a half hours per day dealing with work emails. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that at the end of the day we end up feeling worn out yet have fewer items checked off of our to-do lists than we would like!

Pie chart, showing the amount of time American workers spend looking at email every day

Aside from the sheer amount of time spent sifting through, reading, writing, and waiting on responses to emails — just think of all the essential business information that’s getting locked up and forgotten about in someone’s inbox until it’s inevitably needed while they’re in Tahiti for several weeks! 

Allowing information to get siloed in individual inboxes is bad for business. It’s estimated that Fortune 500 companies lose $31.5 billion per year thanks to silos that prevent knowledge transparency across departments. 

To make sure your team is efficiently sharing knowledge and to plant the seeds of a transparent culture, move as much communication as possible out of individual email inboxes and into modern communication software. 

Slack is a recognized chat-based workplace tool, but there’s also Telegram, Workplace by Facebook, Google Hangouts Chat, and plenty more on this list alone

Most of these third-party solutions should be decently easy to implement and employee onboarding should be a breeze with the ubiquity of consumer chat apps today. 

The options for tools that can help you tip over knowledge silos are practically endless. And, frankly, it doesn’t really matter which you choose as long as it works for your needs!

Eliminate Tedious Time-Wasters: Automate Records and Information Management

It can be shocking how often one of the most critical functions of a business — the management of its information and records throughout their entire lifecycle — is left in the 1980s even while the rest of the organization undergoes digital transformation

Records and information management isn’t sexy, but it sure is an impactful place to start when you want to show how easy it is to implement automation to eliminate time-wasting manual tasks at work. 

Workflow automation can digitize paper-work heavy, business-critical processes to automate everything from creating documentation to distributing it, getting it completed, and storing it in a searchable yet secure location.

Automating records and information management is an immediate and visible process update that eliminates redundancy, empowers scalability, helps keep your business legal and compliant, and gives employees time to complete more critical and hard-to-automate work.

HelloWorks offers intelligent workflow automation for a variety of industries, for quick and seamless mobile-friendly onboarding. 

Get to Revenue Faster: Implement eSignatures to Speed Up Sales and Client Onboarding

Businesses that work with clients or rely on closing deals to generate revenue know there’s nothing more agonizing than the wait between making a sale and making money once all the contracts, NDAs, financial agreements, and other miscellaneous documentation has been completed. 

Unfortunately, no small amount of that time is spent on your end printing, signing, scanning, and emailing (or mailing) paperwork. And all of that effort is just to get the paperwork onto the soon-to-be client’s desk! Then there’s the genuine possibility you’ll have to do it all over again if new parties get involved, if the paperwork sits incomplete for too long, or if part of it gets lost in the shuffle.

For a quick, revenue-boosting win, implement eSignature solution to get important sales documents completed faster. Implement HelloSign’s eSignature solution specifically to get contracts signed up to 80% faster than their traditional, paper-based counterparts

At HelloSign, our focus is on helping businesses get documentation signed quickly and easily so they can start making money. That’s why we’ve built mobile-first technology, strong security measures, reusable templates, a premium branding interface, integration into the most popular work apps (think Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc.), and more. Can your current signature collection process do all that?

Aside from the immediate revenue win, a better signature-collection workflow can improve customer satisfaction and retention  — which is crucial when you consider that most revenue comes from current customers and they’re also your best referral source.

Where Will You Win Today?

Will you tackle information silos with new communication software? How about eliminating time-wasting manual tasks with automated document management? What about boosting revenue and customer satisfaction via eSignatures?

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these strategies for CTOs who need a quick win. All you have to do is start today.

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